Our 2020 Vision

If you’ve been navigating our website, you’re probably saying, “Wow—there’s a lot going on at Pregnancy Choices!” I agree; it’s a tremendously exciting time to be involved with this ministry. After only one week of operation, we began to see dramatic increases in the numbers of women served through Eva Women’s Clinic. That led to us needing a reprint of our education and services card within the first couple of weeks! We had already given them all away! The Bible tells us not to despise the days of small beginnings—how much more do we have to look forward to in these days of BIG beginnings! 2020 is off to a great start, and I personally cannot wait to see what all God has in store. He continues to bless our Summit County presence as well through Pregnancy Choices—Arlington Road as well as through Akron Pregnancy Services. I hope you share in my excitement for the future. Our 2020 Vision is clear—save more babies than ever before. Thank you for your integral part in making that happen.