As we close out “heart month”…

As I think about “Heart Month” I am reminded of the important work a heart must do—daily pumping much needed blood to all areas of the body. The ministry of Pregnancy Choices is much like a body, too, with multiple body parts.

There is the pregnancy prevention part carried out by our incredible Sold Out team as they present information about healthy relationships to students county-wide. There is the intervention part through Eva Women’s Clinic, providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and more via our amazing medical staff and patient & family advocates. More intervention takes place at our Pregnancy Choices support center where clients receive the essential baby items and educational support they need to take care of their young families. And there is the restoration part through our House of Hope, where women struggling with past choices receive true forgiveness, healing and freedom from the past.

That is a large, complex body! And you are our heart—providing the life giving blood that keeps us going.

We are so grateful for your participation and support.  If you have any questions about the multi-faceted ministry of Pregnancy Choices, please come take a tour and see what we’re all about. Call 330-455-7500. And thank you again—from the bottom of my heart.