Employment opportunity: Director of Central Operations

Position Title:​​ Director of Central Operations

Team:​​​​ Executive Leadership Team

Reports To:​​​ CEO

Please send resumé to kspecht@pscneo.com

Position Summary:
To serve as the Director of Central Operations. Lead in the Central Operations area of the organization. Assist and work closely with the CEO in launching new initiatives. Work closely with the Executive Directors for Stark and Summit.  Recruit, train and lead Central Operations Teams and Volunteer Teams as they relate to Central Operations.  (Direct mailing, events, banquets, finance, H/R, office support, donor development and church relations, etc.)  Champion Pregnancy Support Center and help to provide an excellent “First Impression” in the community. Establish and grow excellent community relationships and partnerships.

1.) Duties and Responsibilities:
a. Lead and set direction for Central Operations teams. Primarily finance, H/R and office support. Working in alignment with the overall mission, vision and purpose for the organization.
b. Understand the mission, vision and purpose of the organization. Be able to articulate this with excellence.  Support it well and be a champion in your own church home.
c. Develop staff teams as needed to accomplish the ministry goals.
d. Coach team members on best practices.

d. Recruit, train (with others on team) and prepare volunteers for office needs, hospitality, building and grounds teams.
e.​ Conduct team meetings on a regularly scheduled basis.
f.​ Attend other meetings as needed
g.​ Stay on the cutting edge with operations/logistics.
h.​ Be proactive with needs at the various locations—main hubs, medical and Healing Ministry locations.

i. Apprentice someone.

2.)Day-to-Day Operations

a. Learn Way-Cool.  Become the go to person with this primary database that the organization uses to track donors.  Take it to the next level.

b. Proficient in Excel and the other programs in Microsoft Office Suite.

c. Excellent communicator both verbal and with the written word.  
d. Work with side consultants in the IT area and communications/marketing.
e. Depending on what is happening around the organization, position may be responsible to occasionally work at one of the other locations.
f. Work with Executive Director/Directors for each location to maintain the building and grounds in a safe manner with an eye for the First Impression.
g. Big-picture Pregnancy Support Center–Manage, plan and prepare for legal contracts. Working closely with CEO and Accountant. (May include insurance, copiers and other contracts.)

3.)​ Other Responsibilities

a.​ Work well with others at Pregnancy Support Center

b.​ Responsible for self-development and taking care of self

c.​ Embrace Matthew 18

d.​ Neat appearance and pleasant attitude

e.​ Pregnancy Support Center is a non-smoking facility

f.​ Maintain a high standard of integrity, accountability, morals and Christian behavior.

g. Be involved with a local church.

h.​ All other duties as assigned