Are you a licensed healthcare professional? Are you interested in becoming a medical volunteer? Pregnancy Choices’ common goal of our medical services is to lovingly present our clients with information through STD and pregnancy testing, counseling and limited obstetrical ultrasounds that will help with clients’ decision-making regarding all choices pertaining to their health and pregnancy.

We are always looking for like-minded licensed healthcare professionals who are willing to work in the STD clinic or in the ultrasound room. You may also specialize in providing a service to which we can refer our clients or you may own or operate a business that would be willing to supply necessary medication or supplies. We welcome your inquiries.

A regular volunteer commitment at Pregnancy Choices begins by completing the 21 hours of volunteer training held quarterly at the Pregnancy Choices main campus.

Volunteering in the clinic would additionally include training in STDs followed by shadowing a physician or nurse in the clinic to become familiar with specific assessment and communication techniques utilized in acquiring sensitive information regarding the client’s sexual history.

Volunteering to perform limited obstetrical ultrasounds involves an additional course followed by performing supervised ultrasounds and subsequent scanning with another healthcare volunteer until comfortable scanning alone.

Our Eva Women’s Clinic offers pregnancy tests, ultrasound and STD testing & treatment. We provide services at two of our campuses (listed below:)

  • Eva Canton at 2645 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton 44709

  • Eva Akron at 2780 S. Arlington Rd. Suite 203, Akron 44312

We welcome all inquiries. Please fill out the form below or email Candi Durbin, Pregnancy Choices Medical Director or call 330.915.6520 ext 132 for more information.


Medical Volunteer