Thank you for thinking of us when you have maternity clothes, baby clothes, and baby furnishings you no longer need or use.

We strive to provide every service we offer with excellence. Therefore, we are compelled to present our clients with only those items that are clean and in excellent condition. We believe this honors our clients as well as the One we serve.

In addition, we are legally obligated to only disperse items that meet federal safety guidelines. It becomes an expense for us to dispose of items that may not be usable. As you consider us as the recipient of your donated goods, please keep in mind the helpful hints in this brochure.

In Partnership,
Debra Martin, CEO

Is it clean and ready to use?

Clothing and furnishings should not be ripped, stained or overly worn.

Has the item reached its expiration date?

Expiration dates, especially on car seats, food and formula, should be carefully checked. We are not able to distribute car seats, food or formula that has expired.

Is the item in good working order?

All of the parts must be present, including wheels, springs, and fabric. No foam rubber should be exposed on any item. Car seats must meet federal safety standards.

Slats on crib side rails must be no wider than 2-3/8” for safety purposes.

Items we do not accept

  • Used Breast pumps
  • Children’s clothing larger than 2T months
  • Diaper pails
  • Stuffed animals
  • Crib bumpers
  • Used Shoes
  • Used bottles or pacifiers
  • Walkers with wheels
  • Items that are expired or overly worn or in ill repair

A “gift in kind” receipt will be provided for all donations.

When dropping off donations, please be prepared to give an estimate of the resale cost for used items and the retail cost for new items.