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1. Q: Why are Pregnancy Choices (aka PC) and Akron Pregnancy Services (aka APS) merging?

A: The merger will strengthen life-affirming efforts and ministries of both organizations by combining the strengths of each. PC and APS are committed to working together as a co-mission, serving TOGETHER for one same purpose, believing that together we can accomplish more and reach more people.

2. Q: Who initiated the merger?

A: Akron Pregnancy Services approached Pregnancy Choices with the idea. After collaboration and relationships were developing between people in the organization, the merger was approved by both Boards of Directors.

3. Q: How does the merger benefit APS?

A: The merger will increase programs provided with the goal of transforming Akron Pregnancy Services into a medical clinic-
offering limited ultrasound, and additional medical services as offered by Pregnancy Choices.

4. Q: How does the merger benefit PC?

A: The merger increases Pregnancy Choices’ network, expanding the ministry’s footprint throughout Northeast Ohio with a new, stronger presence in Summit County.

5. Q: What changes?

A: APS will dissolve as an independent organization and function under the Board governance of Pregnancy Support Center of Stark County, which operates under the name Pregnancy Choices. Further plans are still in development.

6. Q: What remains the same?

A: Our names, logos, websites and physical addresses remain unchanged at this time.

7. Q: Where does MY money go?

A: We realize that it is important to many of our partners that their investment in life-affirming ministries remain local. Therefore, your financial support will continue to go toward the area of your designation—with our heartfelt thanks.

8. Q: When does this all take place?

A: The merger officially becomes final in legal terms on June 30, 2019. Naturally—as in any transition, and even with the wisdom of many advisors and much planning—it will take some time for programming and services to be in alignment.

9. Q: How will the merger affect Clients? Staff?

A: Services to clients will be uninterrupted. A few adjustments in staffing will address needs while avoiding duplication of efforts.

10. Q: I’d still like to talk with someone about this. What number should I call?

A: Call PC 330-455-7500 extension 209- or APS 330-434-2221 extension 221.